Five simple steps...and you are in control

Setting up your website with BIAH VetSite really couldn’t be easier. Why? Well we can do it all for you. We understand that you are busy professional people and need to get your site up and running with the minimum amount of effort. As such we have developed an iterative approach to building your website that takes most of the effort from you and places it on us. To find out more about this unique approach, please read the stages below.

The first step to setting up a website through BIAH VetSite is to call us on 0117 230 1792 for a 10 minute conversation to outline a few simple details such as preferred design, your practice address and any existing images or logos.
ClockYour time required10 minutes

Following our initial conversation we will get to work and build the first version of your website. Once we have something to show you (usually inside a couple of days) we will be in touch to let you know how to review what we have created.
ClockYour time required30 minutes

The personalisation stage is where our iterative approach really comes into its own. Here we discuss the first build and run through any amendments. This naturally involves your feedback but don't worry - we won't take up too much of your time. Our extensive experience in the veterinary market means that you will have a website you will be proud of in no time at all.
ClockYour time required30 minutes

Once you are happy with the site, the next stage is getting it connected to your own unique website address. If you already own a domain name then we will talk you through the process of pointing your current website address to your new website. If not we will purchase one and connect it for you.
ClockYour time required10 minutes

Once your domain is connected your site is now live. However as your business grows we understand that you need your website to evolve with it. After all, the website is your shop window for all online visitors and needs to be kept up to date. We are as driven about helping maintain your practice website as we were in creating it.
ClockYour time requiredNone

Simply email or call us with any changes you require and we will action them for you. Alternatively, your website comes with its own content management system, so if you prefer you can login and make changes whenever and wherever you want. Also, we are constantly developing new features to enable you to stay up to date with the ever changing online landscape.
ClockYour time requiredAs you want